Jessica Yañez, Attorney at Law

I am an immigration attorney who believes in doing things differently.

Hi! Welcome to my site.

Driven by my vision of creating a different law firm experience for people who are going through the immigration process, I founded Yañez Immigration Law in December 2012. My husband, Agustín, managed the firm and we prided ourselves on the dedication to our clients and extraordinary customer service. We had a hard-working and amazing team, but in 2021, pandemic-related struggles led us to close the practice.

Since then, I have had time to reflect on what I value most in my life: my family, doing meaningful work as an attorney and an educator, and taking time to savor the good things in life while working to address inequality and injustice in the community.

On March 1, 2022, I re-launched Yañez Immigration Law in the heart of my hometown at the Transform Greensboro office building in order to continue assisting current clients. It is a perfect fit as I continue on my journey of transforming the legal practice and exploring what it means to be an attorney and a human being in this complex world. In the collaborative space that is TransformGSO, individuals from across all industries come together to do what they do best while learning and growing from the collective knowledge of the community.

I am not taking on new cases at this time so I can provide the best experience to existing clients. Over the past decade my team andI have assisted individuals from more than 75 countries with a broad range of cases, including family-based immigration, consular processing, removal defense, asylum, waivers, consular processing, appeals, waivers, and naturalization.

My current projects include becoming a certified yoga teacher in the summer of 2022 and launching a children’s yoga program, attending a racial justice conference in the fall of 2022, teaching immigration law at Elon University School of Law, writing a book for immigration paralegals, and planning a paralegal conference for 2023.

If we are peaceful, if we are happy,

we can blossom like a flower,

and everyone in our family,

our entire society,

will benefit from our peace.

 Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master, Poet, and Peace Activist

Want to collaborate?

While I am not taking on new cases, I am open to collaborating with individuals and organizations committed to social justice, paralegal education, and serving the community through reading, music, art, and yoga.

E-mail: jessica@yanezimmigrationlaw.com